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CONSIDERO Executive Search is a company specialising in personnel consulting, focusing on the recruitment and development of executives and specialists. Based 
on the partners’ great experience gained over many years, the consultancy provides
expertise in the service sector and in the domains of consumer and capital goods.

Our service portfolio in detail

  • Executive-level search services for all functional areas
  • The search for specialists without managerial responsibility, e.g. product managers, 
sales specialists, procurement/purchasing managers or controllers
  • Development, realisation and implementation of trainee programmes
  • Concepts for further development of internal potentials

Positions handled by us range from general managers, business unit managers, and managers of various functional areas, to specialists in marketing, sales, procurement, development, production and in administrational functions, amongst others. We carry 
out projects on a national level in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and fill positions
with international responsibility.